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We ask. We don’t sell.

Anyone that’s ever bought a new car or booked a budget airline flight will have felt the frustration of unexpected or added costs that weren’t made clear when you started the search. In this blog, our MD, James Morris, cuts through the confusion around funeral pricing.

All too often products and services are marketed to consumers at an enticing low-cost to attract attention, with hidden extras unveiled as we progress through the buying stages. Surely this concept is morally doubtful, so why is it so commonplace? And that it occurs in the funeral industry, a world in which people find themselves incredibly vulnerable, is a new and deeply disturbing development.

At Jacob Conroy & Sons we are totally transparent with our prices. No unexpected add-ons, no pressure to up-sell, no discounting or matching quotes. We give families our published price and the whole price up-front and in writing.

You see, when a family comes to us at a time of need, our entire approach is guided by three core points:

  1. What a family wants and needs in this funeral?
  2. What would be important to the deceased?
  3. What is appropriate for you and those left behind?

We ask questions.

And we will never ever try to offer a packaged service of things you don’t want or need. Nor will we charge for the things that we believe are intrinsically part of excellent service.

So even with the simplest funerals we provide, there is no additional fee for:

    • Coming to your home to make arrangements if that’s easier for you
    • Out of hours attendance
    • Collection of clothing
    • Saturday morning funerals
    • Family viewing
    • Use of our service room
    • Streaming or recording services where the tech is available
    • Additional staff when they are required
    • Free online obituary
    • Return of jewellery or other valuables to your home
    • Return of ashes when it’s right for you

Some of these services will be subject to availability and within a reasonable distance. Most importantly we’ll always be open and transparent when we’re providing a quote.

After the funeral we will help you find specialist bereavement support either through a group programme or one-to-one counselling if needed.

When you place your trust in Jacob Conroy & Sons, you can expect compassion, dedication, integrity and respect. There are no surprises, unexpected extras or add-ons to fear. It’s what we’ve been doing for generations so if you need to talk about funerals, do call us – it costs nothing to have a conversation.